Selasa, 18 September 2012

The Ad War Apple vs Samsung

Senin, 10 September 2012

Friends . . .

Cara Aman Mengkonsumsi Mie Instan

Oleh: Marmi Panti Hidayah

Mi instan merupakan makanan yang paling simpel dikonsumsi. Mudah dan praktis. Namun perlu diingat bahayanya. Misalnya, endapan zat pewarna yang sangat berbahaya bagi tubuh.

Lebaran Day

long time not to write here ^_^
here we go, i want to post picture when Idul Fitri 1433 ago, we (my family) stay at grandmother's house in klaten.

Rabu, 13 Juni 2012

HBD Bintang Basyarah :D

This is what we do yesterday, to celebrate bintang's birthday party, Hehehehe :) absolutely in June 12, 2012 "he lies about this" he said if his birthday on April 8 wkwkwkw

Sabtu, 02 Juni 2012

Tips for Macbook Battery

For any MacBook user, especially those who travel, a long battery life and top notch battery health are vital. The tips below will help ensure you get the most out of your MacBook’s battery over its lifetime.

1) Turn off AirPort Wireless
If you do not require the Internet and if there are no WiFi networks within range, turning off AirPort will considerably save your computer’s battery life. It is also wiser to use an Ethernet cable over wireless if the option exists.

Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

Cover Sticker Apple Macbook

Make your macbook more interesting with sticker like this. Check it out

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